Thursday, July 10, 2008

120 Pro Eyeshadow Palette

I ordered this palette on Ebay from Chic.Gallery and I got it this week. This cost me a total of $27.47. Overall, I'm having fun playing with it. It's a great buy and I don't regret purchasing this item at all. Time for pictures!

Aren't they GORGEOUS?!?!?! The pictures are small, I know, I resized them on photobucket and I'm feeling kind of lazy to do all that, so I'll put up the higher quality pictures up on my next blog. I apologize.

Look out for my videos because I'll be doing more tutorials on different looks using these beautiful, pigmented colors.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tutorial: Smokey Purple Look Video Edited

I decided to re-edit the video. Because you can't make out the subtitles, I decided to change the color of the text and also, enlarge it. I'm in the process of uploading the video, so you gals have to check that out!

Also, I realized that when I upload a video to YouTube, the quality gets really bad, so I'm probably going to just wait until I get to Virginia to make more videos. And The Hubby and I are planning to buy a MAC, so that's going to be fun.

I have 12 more days until my very long commute to Virginia, but I'm ready NOW.

And before I forget, here is a video I made last night for my husband. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tutorial: Smokey Purple

I'm new to the YouTube makeup tutorial scene, and obviously, my videos aren't very high in quality and I do apologize. I don't know if you all know by now that I'm using a Logitech webcam for notebooks. Boo. I know. It's the only thing I can work with right now, but I guess it's a start right? You can call these videos a test run until The Hubby gets back from patrol. So for the meantime, I'll have to work with the webcam.

I've only got 12 days away until I head up to Virginia! Any ladies out there in that area? How's the shopping scene?

Anyway, I did make another video yesterday for a smokey purple look. I'm kind of upset about the quality of my videos. They're not as crisp as I want them. You can't even make out the subtitles in the video. Should I have done something differently??? I am using Windows Movie Maker to edit my videos so, if you guys have ANY suggestions at all, please please please feel free to leave me a little somethin something. Hehe. Thanks, lovelies.

[video re-edited]

MAC Moisture Fix
MAC Studio Tech

NYX Deep Purple
NYX Purple
NYX Prune
MAC Carbon
MAC Rondelle
L`Oreal HIP Cream e/l
Rimmel Lash Maxxx

MAC Studio Moisture Fix
MAC l/s Lustre

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Yellow and Green Eyes Tutorial

I just uploaded the video I made today on YouTube! I know, finally, huh? I actually found the time to do it especially with all the things I've yet to do. I'll be leaving Florida to go to North Carolina to visit my preggy cousin. That's going to be on the 18th, or maybe even sooner. Her doctor's giving her one week. So, I just might be leaving on the 9th! I plan on arriving to Virginia on the 20th. I have such a busy schedule, I know. Why did I start a blog now, you might be asking? Well, I guess I was very impatient. I really wanted to start this blog when I get to Virginia, but I don't know, I guess the urge was too strong. LOL.

Anyway, back to that tutorial. Please leave me some feedback and some good constructive criticism is very much appreciated. Thanks! Don't forget to subscribe!!!

♥Rishaline Belle.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cherry Culture Haul!

I did some major hauling last weekend and I received the package a couple of days ago. I wish I can take some pictures, but I let the hubby take my camera with him on his first patrol. :]

Anyway, here's a list of things that I bought. By the way, Cherry Culture has a huge variety of makeup at really good prices! So you ladies need to check that out.

The haul I did was for NYX Cosmetics. One disadvantage about Cherry Culture is that the swatches aren't very accurate. Actually, some of them aren't at all close to what the color truly is once you receive them.

Cherry Culture Haul:

NYX Eye Angle Brush
NYX Eyebrow Kit: Black/Grey
NYX Eyeshadow Trio: Cherry/Cool Blue/Hot Pink
NYX Eyeshadow Trio: Tropical/Yellow/Lime Green
NYX Eyeshadow Trio: Purple/Deep Purple/Prune
NYX Long Pencil Eyeliner: White
NYX Long Pencil Eyeliner: Black
NYX Makeup Bag
NYX Powder Blush: Taupe
NYX Professional Contour Brush
NYX Professional Crease Brush
NYX Professional Liner
NYX Professional Shading Brush
NYX Professional Shadow Brush
NYX Round Lipstick: Baby Pink
NYX Round Lipstick: Doll
NYX Single Eye Shadow: Jade
NYX Single Eye Shadow: Olive Green

I spent a total of $93.84, and usually, when I spend that much at a MAC counter, I buy 4-5 things.

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with the haul. I'm loving the single eyeshadows that I purchased as well as the brushes which by the way are great investments. The only thing I'm dissatisfied with is the NYX Round Lipstick in Baby Pink. I prefer matte lipsticks. The Baby Pink had little bits of glitter in it. But it's okay, because it only cost me 99 cents for one lipstick! Pretty good, huh?! :]

Again, I apologize that I'm not able to provide pictures. But the hubby's coming home pretty soon, so keep checking in!
Right now, I'm preparing for my move to Virginia. We had a garage sale today and I made $35! My parents made a total of $329. Garage sales are always fun.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! I'm planning to buy a MacBook by Apple for my husband and I.
I'll fill you all in once I purchase it. Okay, ladies, thanks for checking in!

Talk to you all soon,