Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tutorial: Smokey Purple

I'm new to the YouTube makeup tutorial scene, and obviously, my videos aren't very high in quality and I do apologize. I don't know if you all know by now that I'm using a Logitech webcam for notebooks. Boo. I know. It's the only thing I can work with right now, but I guess it's a start right? You can call these videos a test run until The Hubby gets back from patrol. So for the meantime, I'll have to work with the webcam.

I've only got 12 days away until I head up to Virginia! Any ladies out there in that area? How's the shopping scene?

Anyway, I did make another video yesterday for a smokey purple look. I'm kind of upset about the quality of my videos. They're not as crisp as I want them. You can't even make out the subtitles in the video. Should I have done something differently??? I am using Windows Movie Maker to edit my videos so, if you guys have ANY suggestions at all, please please please feel free to leave me a little somethin something. Hehe. Thanks, lovelies.

[video re-edited]

MAC Moisture Fix
MAC Studio Tech

NYX Deep Purple
NYX Purple
NYX Prune
MAC Carbon
MAC Rondelle
L`Oreal HIP Cream e/l
Rimmel Lash Maxxx

MAC Studio Moisture Fix
MAC l/s Lustre


Edward Domain said...


GOOD FOR YOU! Josh and I are working on improving our video skills too- we can trade tips (just not make up tis--hahahahaha)

By the way, you should go to and make a show page there for yourself!! It's free and we are using it for TroopSpace. Also, Blip will automatically convert your video to iTunes if you want so people can subscribe to your show on iTunes!!! And its free!!

Let me know or Josh if you need help (Josh is a little better than I am)